SUP - Tours

SUP at different Spots in small groups


discover the beautiful beach and cliffline of Albufeira. While the sea is calm we can enter a breathtaking beach through one of the caves, or we have a small stopover on one of the beaches you can`t reach by foot.

Price 49,- Euro


the highlite of this Tour is the famous Benagil cave. But there are lots of gorgeous spots during that Tour.

Price 49,- Euro

Barrier Lake

if the sea is too choppy we can go to one of the beatiful barrier Lakes in the backland just half an hour from the coastline.

Price 49,- Euro

All our Tours have a max. capacity of 4 Persons and last about 2 hours.

Additional to the price we allow us to count an amount for pick ups. 





CRUZ'AIR 10'6''

If you are looking for the "one" SUP you can sit back and relax, our Cruz´Air is the right choice. Whether it's easy paddling on the lake, windsurfing, a quick workout or riding small waves - the Cruz´Air is extremely versatile and takes your skills to the next level.




Discov'AIR 11'4''

with the Discov´Air you get to know your environment from a whole new perspective. The trick of this shape is the successful compromise between stability and speed - stable enough to make even beginners happy but at the same time fast enough to complete larger tours with ease.


Floater One

The Floater Vest is a pure buoyancy aid (no life jacket) with 50N buoyancy and has official CE conformity (please note the safety instructions on the inside). The whole vest is equipped with closed cell foam which features buoyancy, shock absorption and heat insulation.